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There’s no Job too big or too small for The HandyMan to take on.

General Repairs

Obtaining many resources and tools throughout the years whether your task is big or small I will be fully equipped and ready to go.

Home Maintenance

A jack of all trades, I have the tools necessary and the know how to complete most household repairs and those nasty headaches.

Home Improvement

Home improvement is supposed to be a fun thing well in today’s world it is made to be very stressful. I can help put your to-dos to rest.

General Repairs

Auto Maintenance

Tinkering on cars and trucks since I was a boy, I am naturally an automotive problem solver. Whether it be your tires need replacing to engine overhauls. Let’s talk about how I can make your life easier. 

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Mobile & ready

T-mig Fix-it-all, removes the improvement and repair stress and headaches by delivering all the services, tools, and materials to you, saving countless hours and more importantly and extremely effective way to save money, our professional handyman will leave you stress free!

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Welding & Fabrication

Have you ever wished you could have something put together that you don’t have the means to take it to a fabrication shop or Welding shop. The Utah Handyman T-mig can Weld-it-All, he will plan out your goals with you and turn your idea into a fabricated reality.

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Moving & Towing Services

The Cheapest towing services in town, guaranteed, we can also arrange housing and commercial moves and package this with our cleanup services and receive a combination deal.

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Home Maintenance

Industrial & Home Services

A jack of all trades, I have the tools necessary and the know how to complete most household repairs and those nasty headaches.

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Windows & Floors

Good windows can save you money by saving energy that is drained by old or worn windows, bad windows can also cause mold and that can have poor effects on our health. Keeping up on your home maintenance is not only cost effective but is needed for the health of you and your family contact us today and get a free window assessment.

Floors over time can crack or become inconsistent. We can assess your certain flooring design and overall health and come up with a cost effective repair and/or improvement.

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General plumbing and leak fixes, we know how annoying a leaky faucet can be, or how much damage a leaky pipe can cause, well before the damage is set, let the handyman save you money in the long run and keep your home healthy.

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Mold & Water Damage

Well isn’t this topic a touchy one, well if you are reading this we want to start by take a deep breath, everything will be ok, T-Mig is here for you, we have a specialist system, our customers call the stress free insurance package, just call or send us a message with the topic mold/water damage and we will contact you with a specialized free assessment walkthrough.

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Power+ & Industrial Cleaning

T-mig’s Power+ and industrial cleaning package service is the all package deal for cleanup and bulk demolition removal.
Aren’t you tired of calling the local labor center? And getting new faces that you may or may not get good work from? Well that ends today! Quality and Support every time!

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Home Improvments

Home & Industrial Services

Home improvement is supposed to be a fun thing well in today’s world it is made to be very stressful. I can help put your to-do list and bank account to rest.

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Have an idea in mind, but haven’t had the time to put your idea to work? Well schedule a free consultation with T-Mig our Utah Local Handyman. He will contact you and go over your idea in detail; he will come up with helpful suggestions and plan out how your idea can become reality.

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Outdoor & Yard

Tree and bush removal, weed and lawn care, gravel and yard restructuring. T-mig is here to help you get the most out of your property. Contact us now and see how we can help you.

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Electric and Lighting

Electrical systems become outdated, old, or worn out. We can go through and fix whatever electrical issue you are having. Whether it is just a new outlet you want in your workout room, or a full new kitchen lighting design. T-mig is here for you and your electricity.

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Miscellaneous & Custom Work

Don’t see anything on the services list? Take a look at my services page and if you don’t see a service, it does not mean I do not provide the service, it only means that your service request is unique and I’d be happy to discuss with you, your idea or request and work out a special arrangement. Just for you and possibly help someone in the future get a service they are in need of.

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